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Yosi Wadler

Camp Director

Rabbi Yosi Wadler, Program Director, is a talmid and musmach of Rav Moshe Feinstein. He has been a leading figure in the field of special education for over 40 years. His leadership talent, as well as his deep understanding of kochos hanefesh and all inyanei chinuch have helped him establish and maintain the successful program that Camp Chaverim has been for decades. Working under Yosi, staff members tap into a wealth of professional experience, learning to care for the special needs population in a unique way. Often staff are inspired to pursue a career in Special Education, therapies, nursing home management etc.

Rabbi Reuven Kamin, Head Counselor, is a close talmid of Rabbi Shaya Cohen. His vast Chinuch experience includes serving as Principal at Priority One High School and PTACH at Yeshiva Chaim Berlin. Additionally, Rabbi Kamin maintains a private practice in which he counsels Yeshiva Bochurim and their families in a wide range of areas. His deep concern for the growth of every camper and counselor makes Camp Chaverim a growth filled environment for campers and counselors alike.


Reuven Kamin

Head Counselor

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Moshe Katz

Staff Mashgiach

Rabbi Moshe Katz, Camp Mashgiach, is a talmid and musmach of Rav Henoch Leibowitz. He has been involved in Kiruv Rechokim and Chinuch for many years. Rabbi Katz's dynamic personality as well as his ability to understand and relate to Yeshiva Bochurim of all ages have helped him become a successful mashpia. Rabbi Katz’s focus is on the personal growth and development of each staff member. Rabbi Katz is mitapel with the counselors and guides them to capitalize on the growth opportunities that camp offers.  Rabbi Katz’s involvement adds a higher level of hashgocha over the staff.

Rabbi Noach Light, Moreh De’asrah of Camp Chaverim, focuses on the staff learning program, offering and facilitating a personal connection to a well-balanced Da’as Torah. The hemshech of learning throughout the summer is essential to the development of a Ben Torah.  Chaverim counselors learn daily seder, attend regular shiurim and shmuessen, and participate in a camp-wide siyum on a mesechta every summer. Rabbi Light’s curriculum and involvement will make a strong linkage between the amazing chesed, personal growth, and how their summer successes can be appropriated to limud hatorah and overall growth in ruchnious.

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Rabbi Noach Light

Moreh De'Asra


Rabbi Menachem Moscovitz

Off-Day Mashgiach

Off days for all staff 18 and under, who have not yet completed 1 year of Bais Medrash, are accompanied by Rabbi Menachem Moscovitz. Rabbi Moscovitz, in collaboration with the staff, helps to facilitate a day of safe, healthy enjoyment that is much needed after a long hard week of work. (i.e. help arrange and accompany a trip down the Delaware River, hiking, horseback riding or any appropriate form of recreation within reason) Our goal is to help staff learn appropriate means of recreation rather than rely on the ever apparent self-destructive forms.

Extensive staff night time activity to have fun, foster healthy peer relationships and good relaxation preventing burnout and fatigue. (Examples: large barbecues, pool side bbq, culinary art workshops, sand volleyball, flag football, inter-camp games, open mic night, night outs etc.) This program is run by Rabbi Yehudah Wasser, Staff Programing Director, a talmid of Yeshivas Chofetz Chaim and Mesivta Tiferes Yerushalayim. He has been involved in camp programming and community development for many years. His vibrant and geshmake approach to life coupled with his Toradike values ensure that both campers and counselors truly enjoy their summer experience.

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Yehuda Wasser

Staff Programming Director

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